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Data Processing and Outcome Targets

All data is retrieved from the field and downloaded at our office. Quality checks are run on the data and the data is processed into various summaries and reports.  The data is reported in Excel format and in a format following the Traffic Engineering Software (TES) – Header and File Name Convention.  All classification and side road counts will be summarized into 60 minute intervals.


Prior to submission the data will be reviewed and inspected for completeness, missing data, no volumes or drastic variations in data. All data shall be 95% or greater in accuracy. Volumes will be compared with adjacent sites to pick out any inconsistencies in the data.  Volumes will also be compared to historical data or previous counts to determine if a recount is necessary.

Some of the final data analysis available includes:

  • Peak hour determination

  • AADT factoring

  • Warrants evaluation (signal, stop, yield, etc.)

  • Develop historical and future growth

  • Estimating current year volumes using historical growth factors

  • Collision analysis

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